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Friday, 7 September 2018

Alter Ego - Saturdays are for Sven Soap (Indie Pickup September 2018)

Press Sample/Review

Hi everyone! As I mentioned last month, non-polish handmade items previously sold alongside polishes in Polish Pickup are now separate. These items will now be sold during Indie Pickup (IPU). 

Like Polish Pickup, the September theme for IPU is Horror Movies. Cynthia from Alter Ego has created a joke chicken shaped/scented soap for September inspired by Svengoolie, a horror movie host from Chicago. One of his longstanding jokes, Cynthia tells me, is a rubber chicken. So that gave her the idea for this product. 

Before you freak out, this is meant to be a fun gag gift. The Saturdays are for Sven soap is a soap shaped like a rubber chicken and it is chicken scented. It smells like chicken ramen noodle soup. The fragrance includes notes of garlic, basil, cumin and sage. The garlic scent is quite prominent. The fragrance overall is quite strong and you definitely smell it easily when you open the packaging (smell proof heat seal bags). 

To try it out, I washed my hands with the soap. I find the scent isn't as strong on your skin after use as it is when you just smell the soap. It lingers after use but fades after a while. I think it's a fun joke gift but not necessarily a scent you're going to want to use often lol! I'm sorry I didn't get any more photos of the soap but I figured a picture of soap being used wasn't exactly pretty or too useful.

There will be a cap on these of 75 soaps. She also wanted me to note that due to using one mould, it is normal for soaps to vary in colour slightly as they are made individually. 

The Saturdays are for Sven Soapwill be available for purchase from September 21st until September 24th along with a wide variety of products from other brands with the 'Horror Movies' theme! 

Indie Pickup:

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