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Saturday, 28 July 2018

STELLA CHROMA Karavaki (Polish Pickup December 2017)

Hi everyone! Today I have a super pretty sparkly shade from STELLA CHROMA for you! This is Karavaki from the December 2017 Polish Pickup. The theme for December was Holidays Around the World and STELLA CHROMA picked our a Greek tradition for her inspiration. They decorate small boats (karavaki) with Christmas lights to welcome returning sailors. I wasn't familiar with this tradition but it sounds so lovely! 

Karavaki is a sheer black polish absolutely jam-packed with silver and blue holographic glitter. The polish appears black/grey depending on the light and has a super strong blue flash from the glitter. Seriously, I don't think you can get more sparkly than this!! 

I used 2 coats and the formula was really nice, especially for such a glittery polish. I used a couple of coats of topcoat to make sure I had a super smooth finish. I wanted to decorate this one but ended up leaving it alone because it just doesn't need anything else! 

I'm sorry to blog a polish which is no longer available, I voted for this one to make a comeback for this month's PPU but unfortunately it didn't win (the winning polish was lovely too though so be sure to check that out over at the STELLA CHROMA site). I'm sure that if you want it though, you could probably find it though in a sales group! 

You can use the code THEMANICAFE at STELLA CHROMA to get 15% off your order if you find something you love!

I also wanted to remind you again about the STELLA CHROMA fan group on Facebook called stella chromatics. We’d love to have you join if you haven’t already!

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