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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Stella Chroma Summer Diversions Collection - Swatches & Review

Press Sample/Review

Hi everyone! Today I have the upcoming Summer Diversions collection from STELLA CHROMA to show you! This collection was inspired by some of Pam's favourite summer photos she found on IG while looking for inspiration on grey, rainy, sometimes snowy early March days. Here is a collage of her inspirations for this collection! 

Photo Credits (IG): Coral dress @julialongden, green leaves @cazza70, pink shoes
@epsadrilspain_, lemonade @krakowvodkatour, purple flowers
@emilycolwellflowers, watermelon stock photo

Summer Sandals - 'A vibrant, summer pink linear holo polish that is juicy and blingy at the same time'

I used 2 coats no topcoat. This is a gorgeous pink holo which I believe is actually unique in my collection. It's the perfect wearable shade of pink, not too pale yet definitely 'juicy' and exactly a go colour for me when I don't know what polish to wear.

Wild Blooms - 'A deep purple jelly polish with in-your-face green/yellow Aurora shimmer and grass green chrome flakies'

I used 2 coats and topcoat. This polish is EASILY my favourite of the collection. I mean, have you ever seen anything like it?! It's totally unique, a gorgeous colour and just magical with the flakes and shimmer. I was truly amazed by this colour and I KNOW I'm going to be wearing this a lot. It's jumped right into my favourite STELLA CHROMA polishes for sure and even into my all-time favourite polishes!

Garden Treasures - 'A creamy garden green that is highlighted by pink/blue shifting iridescent flakes'

I used 3 coats. It was opaque 2 but I preferred to add a thin third coat to be sure to cover a couple of ridges I have in my nails right now. No topcoat, this was beautifully shiny on it's own. I like the shade of this one, it kind of makes me think of a punchier version of milk glass. It is kind of delicate and soft but bright enough to look good on my pale skin without giving me lobster hands. Win win! The flakes add depth and iridescence.

Juicy Fruits - 'Juicy watermelon red polish with a heavy helping of red/green Aurora shimmer and some sparkling green flakies'

I used 2 coats, no topcoat. The shimmer is gorgeous and so prominent in this one! I love a good in your face shimmer and this didn't disappoint. I'm not normally a watermelon fan but this one makes me like it! So pretty and perfect for summer!

Lounging with Limoncello - 'Get your sunglasses ready! This neon yellow showstopper has a helping of shifting shimmer to set it even further apart'

I used 3 thin coats (again, for my annoying ridgy ring fingernail) and topcoat. What can I say about this one?! I don't think you'll find a brighter polish. The shimmer sets it apart from other yellow neons we have seen in the past and definitely makes it interesting. It screams summer and sunglasses!

Coral Couture - 'Inspired by a sheer summery coral floral dress, this coral jelly polish is packed to the gills with iridescent pastel flakes'

I used 3 thin coats to cover my visible nail line plus topcoat. You could more than likely get away with 2 coats on shorter nails or less visible tips depending on your application. I just prefer to get the finish I want for photos as well ;) The pink flakes in this are really beautiful and compliment the base colour well. This is another perfectly summery shade.

A quick note on formula, as all were similar. I found each formula to be great, easy to work with and no issues to report. Pretty much as I expect from STELLA CHROMA. The quality is fab. Pam did let me know that the flakies in Coral Couture and Garden Treasures have a smell to them (a bit like that sulfur-ish Blue polish smell if you're familiar with that). It was fairly strong in the mixing cups, and then much more faint in the polish bottles. Pam noted that it was very faint when she painted her nails and had gone once the polish had dried. Personally, I didn't notice any smell at all from either polish, and I'm usually very sensitive to smells. So yeah! All good! 

The Summer Diversions collection will be available for purchase on June 15th at noon EST. Polishes will retail for $12.00 each. 

You can use the code THEMANICAFE to get 15% off your order!

I also wanted to remind you again about the STELLA CHROMA fan group on Facebook called stella chromatics. We’d love to have you join if you haven’t already!

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  1. Lovely, lovely photos!! Thanks so much for your review!

  2. Gorgeous collection and photos! Wild Blooms, Juicy Fruits and Lounging with Limoncello are my favs, with Coral Couture coming in a close second!