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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sweet Heart Polish - Disney Glitter Collection - Swatches & Review

Press Sample/Review

Hi everyone! Today I have a new collection of glitter polishes from Sweet Heart Polish to share with you!

This collection is inspired by different aspects of Disneyland and will be added to the core Disney collection by the brand. If you're familiar with Sweet Heart Polish already, you might know that the creator, Cassandra, is a huge Disney fan! I'm a bit of a Disney fan too and it is a nice glimpse into Disneyland by an 'expert'! 

Each polish is a clear base with different glitters so I chose to swatch over creme bases so nothing interferes with the glitters and flakes in the polishes. As for the colours I chose to use, I wanted to show you how I would wear these personally and picked out shades I thought went well with each. I hope you like the combinations but of course you could layer these over anything you wanted! 

Native Night Blossom
'A mix of matte, metallic, and holo glitters in magenta, lime green and golden yellow. Native Night Blossom is inspired by the gorgeous drink of Pongu Pongu located in Pandora at Walt Disney World.'

I used one coat over a dusty pink creme (OPI Hawaiian Orchid) and topcoat. This is my favourite of the collection. I love the mix of colours and the holographic glitters. The glitters really seem to pop. I'm definitely going to wear this over a super soft nude very soon! So summery!

Millennial Pink Ears
'A mix of millennial pink glitters, cotton candy pink mouse ears and a sprinkle of micro rainbow glitters and purple to blue shifting micro flakes. Inspired by the newly released and adorable Minnie Park Ears.'

I used one coat over a light purple creme (OPI Planks a Lot) and topcoat. I by chance got a Mickey shaped glitter on my nail without fishing and there seem to be plenty in the bottle. I didn't have to dab or place too much to get a nice result. This is super soft and cute! I think my little girl will love it too with the shaped glitters! Sorry for the lack of sun when I swatched this one, lovely French weather...But you can see the iridescent glitters better in the shade at least!

Meet me at the Purple Wall
'A mix of matte, metallic, and holo lavender glitters with purple-blue shifting iridescent flakes. Inspired by the iconic, IG worthy, Purple Wall at Walt Disney World which just got a geometric upgrade!'

I used one coat over a white creme (OPI Alpine Snow) and topcoat. I like the tiny holographic glitters in this one and you know purple is my favourite!

Small World Wall
'A mix of baby, powder blue & soft white glitters with a dash of blue pearl flakes. Inspired by the iconic Small World Wall located in Disneyland, the perfect place for your next Disneyland IG photo shoot!'

I used one coat over a pale baby blue creme (OPI Suzi Without a Paddle) and topcoat. In real life the glitter stood out a lot more but my base is showing a tad more blue and bright than it really is. Sorry about that. However, the result is still pretty and delicate.

Violet Lemonade Vibes
'A mix of matte, metallic, and holo glitters in a soft yellow, bright pink, violet and sugar plum with violet holo mouse glitters. Violet Lemonade Vibes is inspired by gorgeous drink featured in the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.'

I used one coat over a plum creme (OPI Casino Royale) and topcoat. I like the unexpected colour combination here. The pale yellow really stands out and the mouse glitters are fun!

Overall, this is a nice collection. The formulas were good for glitter polish and didn't require fishing or too much dabbing to apply.  They remind me of old-school indies with all the funky glitters and how I would lust after a polish and think what base colours I would wear it over! 

This collection releases on April 30th at 9am PST and will be part of the core Disney collection, retailing for $9.50 each. 

Where to Buy:
Sweet Heart Polish

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review

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  1. Thank you so much Michaela!! Your pictures are absolutely amazing!!