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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Pink Gellac Gel Polish Starter Kit

Press Sample/Review

Hi everyone! I have a gel polish review for you today. I recently tried out the Gel Polish Starter Kit from Pink Gellac. Like the name suggests, this is a complete kit containing all you need to do your gel manicure yourself at home. Included in the set is a LED lamp for curing the gel polish, a base, colour (Dynamic Pink), a topcoat, 10x remover pockets, 10x cleaner pockets, nail file and orange woodstick. 

I wasn't familar with the brand before being approached to review their products. The brand is based in Europe and the USA. Prices on their site are in USD. I received the products very quickly with transporter shipping. I'm not sure if this is standard for purchases via the site but it was very efficient. 

The kit is nicely presented in a nice box with all the necessary information. The lamp is a good size and quite practical, beeping after 30 seconds and turning off after 60 so you can't over-cure by mistake. There is an on/off switch on the back for the power and the button on the top to turn on to cure. The lamp is spacious enough to do your whole hand at once if you prefer or 4 fingers very comfortably and laying flat. Personally I prefer to do 4 fingers on each hand then my thumbs together, so all in all 3 lots of curing.

The kit comes with simple instructions on how to use the products and the cure times are noted on the bottles themselves. The gel colour bottle, like most gel polishes, has a coloured button on the top of the lid to show you the colour as well as a part of the label. I'd say the colour is true to what is shown on the bottle for the Dynamic Pink shade I received in the kit. 

I followed the instructions, applying the primer to remove oils from my nails, then the base followed by 2 coats of colour and then topcoat. The gel products were easy to apply, with a good consistency and nice rounded brush making it easy to apply around the cuticle area in particular. I found the Dynamic Pink colour very similar to nail polish in texture which was pleasant. Some gel polishes I have tried in the past have been on the thicker side but this is not the case with the Dynamic Pink Pink Gellac. The topcoat has a nice shiny finish. The other thing I liked was that I didn't notice any really strong smell, like I do sometimes with gel polish. I'm sensitive to scents and this didn't bother me.

Overall, I am happy with this kit and would consider trying more colours from Pink Gellac. The wear time was good also, I wore it for 5 days without any issues. I removed the product to swatch other polishes (blogger/nail polish addict speaking) and I don't generally wear the same polish for 14 days but I am currently wearing it for a pedicure and have had no issues so far. I will update my post to let you know how the wear test went! Removal was fine, quite similar to other gel polishes I have tried in the past.

Where to Buy:
Pink Gellac (here is the starter kit I reviewed and you can find all the available colours of gel polish here)

Pink Gellac on Social Media: Facebook - Instagram - YouTube
The products in this post were provided for my honest review

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