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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Girly Bits - I Licked It, So It's Mine (February 2018 Polish Pickup)

Hiya everyone! I have a super awesome mega beautiful polish to show you today that I was sooooo excited for. It's been a while since I was so desperate and impatient to receive a polish but I just knew I was going to love this one and I needed it from when I saw the very first promo pics. 

I Licked It, So It's Mine is the Girly Bits contribution for the February Polish Pickup. Can we just mention that name? How perfect and cute! It makes me love the polish even more!! I Licked It, So It's Mine is described by Pam as a 'glowing light pink base with prismatic holo flakes that look like sugar crystals. There is a sweet golden glow and a violet shine, with added blue holographic glitter, and blue metallic flakes'. The theme for February's Polish Pickup was 'Sugar Rush' and Pam was inspired by Unicorn Bark!

I applied 3 thin coats and topped with topcoat. The formula was perfection, as I expect from Pam. I can't even properly describe how beautiful I think this polish is. It glows in the shade and is just stunning in the sunlight as well. It's holographic, shimmery, bright and delicate all at the same time. I'm really really sad that I didn't order a second bottle. I don't even mean that in the joking 'I need a backup sense' but genuinely a 'what the hell was I thinking when I bought only one?!' :( 

What do you think of this one? Did you pick it up? I love Pam's complex finishes as you probably know by now if you're a regular reader and this one just absolutely wowed me. That is quite a feat.

This beauty is unfortunately no longer available, as that's the nature of Polish Pickup. But do check out Pam's site for more beautiful colours and monthly shades etc. I'll pop the Polish Pickup info down below too. There are some stunning things every month and something for everyone!

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