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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Girly Bits On The Nice List & Gettin Figgy With It Stamping (MoYou Scandi)

Hi everyone! Today I have a gorgeous polish to share with you. I'll put the apology right here at the beginning because this polish is no longer available as it was the Black Friday 2017 exclusive polish (free with orders over a certain amount). I made sure to pick up enough polishes in the sale to grab this beauty as it is exactly my cup of tea. I love Pam's complex finishes and her pinks! 

On The Nice List is a gorgeous sparkling holographic pale pink. That doesn't sound all that complex but I swear it looks so different in different lights and I think there's some interesting shimmer in there too perhaps. I used 2 coats, formula was awesome as I expect from Pam! 

I then decided to add a little bit of stamping using the Moyou Scandi 10 plate and Girly Bits Gettin Figgy With It. I can't stop stamping with the Girly Bits Fall cremes, they are so perfect!! I finished with topcoat as always. I like the colour combo of this mani and how the design doesn't cover up too much of the stunning base colour! What do you think?

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