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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Essie Absolutely Shore & Dior Perlé

Hi everyone! I have what I think is a stunning combination of polishes to show you today! 

I pulled out an old favourite, Essie Absolutely Shore, a pale seafoam green creme. to pair with one of my absolute favourite toppers, Dior Perlé. 

I used 3 thin coats of Absolutely Shore. The formula could be better, which is why it needs 3 coats, but the colour and finish are perfection. I feel like this is such a flattering, clean colour. 

Dior Perlé is a shimmery pink topper which looks amazing over pretty much anything. I've not used it in a combo I didn't like yet! I used 1 coat of Perlé over Absolutely Shore. It is sparkly and beautiful in the sun! Pink shimmer with greens or teals just never gets old! 

What do you think of this combo? I really loved wearing it and every time I wear Perlé I just want to put it over everything. 

I think Perlé was a limited edition so unfortunately it may be hard to get hold of it. Sorry about that! I wish Dior would do more like this though! 

Where to Buy:
Dior & Essie - various retailers Essie on Social Media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter 
Dior on Social Media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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