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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Indigo Rainbow Gradient Foil & Lina Stamping

Hi everyone! Today I have some super funky nails to share with you! I have wanted to do these for ages and finally got around to it this week. 

I purchased this rainbow gradient foil from Indigo nails a while ago and kind of forgot about it for a while as well. Well I decided to use it for a full mani to show the gradient well. 

I started out over a dark base (I was already wearing Essie No More Film, a dark blue creme), applied foil glue then the foil. I need to get some new foil glue or foil transfer gel as the one I have isn't that great and I don't like the tiny brush. The small brush works better for nail art with foils not so much for full nail application. 

I topped the foil with a coat of Girly Bits Seal the Deal gel topcoat which works perfectly with foils. I wore my mani like that for one day until I had time to add some stamping as planned. You can check out the quick videos I posted on Instagram (here and here)to see how shiny and blingy they are! 

I then used Lina Nail Art Supplies Let's Doodle 01 plate to stamp some flowers in black and topped with my regular topcoat! 

I absolutely loved wearing these, they were so fun and blingy! What do you think of them? Are you a fan of nail foils too? 

Where to Buy:
Indigo Nails (see country specific sites, I ordered from Indigo Nails France)
Girly Bits Cosmetics
Lina Nail Art Supplies

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