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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Girly Bits Winter Whispers (Fantasmic Flakies Group Custom)

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! For the first post of 2018 I have a gorgeous polish from Girly Bits Cosmetics to share with you! This is Winter Whispers, an exclusive for the Fantasmic Flakies Facebook group which was available for purchase to members of the group during the month of December. Therefore, I'm sorry to say, it's already no longer available. I would have blogged it sooner but only just got it due to some long international shipping and my package being kept at the post office over Christmas... 

I was thrilled to finally get this beauty on my nails and I was not at all disappointed. I purchased this immediately when it became available and it's everything I hoped. Pam from Girly Bits describes Winter Whispers as a 'lovely icy blue crelly base swimming with pink to gold shifting shimmer, microscopic holographic glitter, gold flakes, and a multitude of multichrome flakes in violet, blue, green, purple, and gold'. I used 2 coats and the formula was excellent, just as I expect from Girly Bits. I finished with topcoat as always. You might know by now that I'm a huge fan of the complex finishes from Girly Bits and this is yet another one I know I will wear again and again. 

I'm sorry this one is no longer available but Pam does amazing polishes in both her core collections and Color of the Month Duos as well as various other exclusives so be sure to keep up with what she's making! 

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