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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Enchanted Polish - Scintealliant

Hi everyone! Today is another quick swatch post for you. Recently, I've really been enjoying a good plain polish almost as much as wearing nail art... 

This beauty probably doesn't need much introduction. Scintealliant was an LE collaboration polish between Enchanted Polish and the Pshiiit Boutique (pretty much the best European nail polish stockist and blogger, hi Camille if ever you see this!)

Scintealliant, as you can gather from the name, is a stunning teal holo and the obvious choice from Camille who loves this colour. The formula is excellent and the colour is just so rich and vibrant. I'm not necessarily a holo fanatic but this is one of the best in my collection for sure. 

Unfortunately, like with many colours from Enchanted Polish, Scintealliant is no longer available to purchase directly but you may be able to pick it up second-hand. 

Where to Buy: 
Enchanted Polish and other stockists (Scintealliant was LE as noted above so not sure if it will come back) 

Enchanted Polish on Social Media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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