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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

OPI DS Luxurious & Floral Skull Decals

Hi everyone! Today I have a 'halloween' type mani for you. Before I start, I know it's basic and pretty discreet but that's how I like my Halloween nails. 

I have to say, even though I love creating autumn nail art, I just can't get into Halloween nails. I like seeing everyone else's but I just don't want to wear bats, witches hats or zombies on my nails. I stick to low-key with a hint of Halloween! I could do nail art just to blog, that's just not me. I prefer to show you what I actually wear. 

This mani came about because I recently ordered some stamping plates received a free sheet of floral skull water decals. I'm not really one for skull nails either unless they're girly. You might remember my halloween sugar skulls from last year which I loved and these follow that same theme. 

OPI DS Luxurious - Floral Skull Decals

I started out with 2 coats of OPI DS Luxurious on all my nails except my ring fingers. I used 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow on those as a base for the decals. I then applied the decals over my white base and finished everything off with a coat of topcoat. 

I don't often use decals as I prefer to 'do' my nail art myself but I have to admit this was a nice fun mani for no effort whatsoever! 

I managed to track down where these decals came from (as they were a gift in an order I placed) and details are below. 

Where to Buy:
OPI - Various retailers
Decals - Evenligne

OPI on Social Media: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter
Evenligne on Social Media: Facebook - Twitter 


  1. That floral water decal you used is gorgeous!

    1. thank you, i thought it was cool too. nice to use occasionally I guess!

  2. Love OPI Luxurious. Such a great polish for Fall. As a matter of fact, it is on my nails now.

    My tastes have changed quite a bit in my Plus 65s. I find I appreciate a nicely-done mani in a pretty single color on maintained nails more than anything else. While I do see many manis with beautiful nail art, I really like a classic mani best. I am going through my polish editing them and have given a lot of my glitter nail polish away to relatives. I still love the shimmers, glass flecks, multichromes and such, and there are quite a few matte glitter and sparkle glitter toppers I am keeping - just in case the mood hits! It's difficult to let polish go!

    1. I agree on letting polish go! Tough! Thanks for the comment. I do love a good plain mani too and DS Luxurious is a perfect fall colour for sure!

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