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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Colors by Llarowe - The Mighty Red Baron

Hi everyone! I have a simple swatch post for you today of one of my all time favourite red polishes! This is The Mighty Red Baron by Colors by Llarowe! I know, I've probably seen this one a million times but it really is worth all the mentions. 

Colors by Llarowe - The Mighty Red Baron

The Mighty Red Baron is a rich, red holo with a glowing velvety finish unlike any other polish I have to be honest. The formula is fantastic and I used 2 easy coats plus topcoat. The only negative about this polish is that I did experience staining with it despite using basecoat but that is because of the pigment in it. The listing on the CbL website does have a staining warning though I'm not sure it was there back in 2014 when I bought this when it came out. It doesn't matter though. I still love it and honestly I wear polish almost all the time anyway so it doesn't matter too much. But keep it in mind if you want to purchase this one. 

Colors by Llarowe - The Mighty Red Baron

I ended up wearing this polish alone and not even adding to it. I love a good simple red and with the finish on this one, it stands out enough on it's own! I'm afraid there was no sun to be seen when I wore this so you'll just have to believe me about how amazing it looks in sunlight!

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  1. That is a gorgeous polish. It looks like crushed rubies on your nails. I love that name too.