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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Paint Box Polish - Westerosi Collection

Press Sample/Review

Hi everyone! Today I have the Paint Box Polish Westerosi collection to show you! The collection is made up of 7 full coverage holo glitter polishes inspired by Game of Thrones. 

I'll admit that I don't watch Game of Thrones but I have to admit, I always see everyone talking about it and I'm maybe slightly curious as to what I'm missing, even though the very first episode made me think it wasn't for me. I do however love polish of course and was excited to try these out! 

Paint Box Polish - Westerosi Collection

You'll find the maker description for each polish in italic and my notes on each colour afterwards. So without further ado... 

Dracarys is an orange as bright as the fire unleased by Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons!
2 coats and topcoat. I'm not usually the biggest orange fan but this is juicy and so sparkly. Stunning for summer.

Paint Box Polish - Dracarys

Gold Shall Be Their Shrouds is inspired by the fierce Lannisters and their love for all things gold.
2 coats and topcoat. A sort of surprise favourite for me from the collection. Along with orange, yellow usually isn't one of my preferred colours but this one I really love! It is bright and juicy. Apparently glitter changes my mind! 

Paint Box Polish - Gold Shall Be Their Shrouds

I Want To Be THE Queen pays tribute to the green and gold colors of House Tyrell and Queen Margaery.
2 coats and topcoat. Easily one of my favourites of the collection if not my absolute favourite. Pam does greens so well and this is no exception. 

Paint Box Polish - I Want To Be THE Queen

The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors is a glittery red that shines like the red ruby at Melisandre’s throat. (This polish has no anti-aging properties)
2 coats and topcoat. 

Paint Box Polish - The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors

The Purple Wedding was a momentous event that deserves a tribute polish.
2 coats and topcoat. You have probably seen me wear this polish before. It started out as a custom for a friend of mine and I'm happy it is being released for everyone. It's lovely! 
Paint Box Polish - The Purple Wedding

Wight Eyed Walkers is as steely blue and glistening as the eyes of the Night King himself.
2 coats and topcoat. Another favourite for me. The glitter really shines in this one! 

Paint Box Polish- Wight Eyed Walkers

Winter is Coming. What else needs to be said? Grey with silver holo is as Stark as it gets.
2 coats and topcoat. A nice change from the regular silver holo polishes with the grey base. This one will be good for leadlighting etc

Paint Box Polish - Winter is Coming

Concerning the formula and application on these, they are all quite similar. A few of the colours are a little thicker than others (Winter is Coming, Wight Eyed Walkers) but all are good and apply easily. Depending on your application, they are opaque in 2-3 coats. As I mentioned I used 2 which was perfect. You certainly don't have to sponge them on but you could for an even blingier result. 

I also wanted to mention Pam's newly released Like Lightning Quick Dry topcoat as well. I purchased it when it went up on her site because I have been waiting FOREVER for a 5-free indie quick-dry topcoat. I have trouble with shrinkage with most quick-dry topcoats (Seche, Poshé etc) and have been using Revlon for a long time. I do like the Revlon a lot but I am glad to have a great indie alternative with a thicker texture for glitter especially. I have had nothing but good results so far. Being 5-free it has no bad smell which is a major problem for me with many topcoats (and non 3-free polishes in general) so I don't have a headache and no shrinkage! I'm a fan. Like Lightning retails for $6.00 for a 15 mL bottle.
Paint Box Polish - Like Lightning Quick Dry Topcoat

This collection will be released at noon EST on June 30th. They will retail for $10.00 for the 15ml bottles and $6.00 for the 8ml luxe minis and you can use the code THEMANICAFE for 15% off your order! 

Paint Box Polish - Westerosi Collection
I also wanted to remind you again about the Paint Box Polish fan group on Facebook called Paint Box Mani Mafia (which I co-admin). We’d love to have you join if you haven’t already!  

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The products in this post were provided for my honest review (except the Like Lightning topcoat which I purchased)

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