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Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+ Day 5 - Glitter Gradient & Sharpies!

Hi everyone! I'm back with my final mani for Digit-al Dozen Gradient+ week today, thankfully only one day late so I hope you don't mind! :) 

I recently snapped up Cirque Sencha from new Speckled and Sparkled collection (this shade is from the Sparkled part). Sencha is described by Cirque as 'A seafoam green sterling foil holographic (made with superfine sterling silver pigment)'. Similar to my beloved Lacquistry Amazeballs in finish, it is super sparkly! I started out with 2 coats of Sencha. The formula thickened a little as I worked but it wasn't problematic and I got perfectly smooth results. 

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+ Day 5 - Cirque Sencha, XX & Sharpie Art

For the gradient I used Cirque XX, a clear-based multicoloured glitter topper and just used the brush to create the gradient. I added a coat of topcoat at this point to have a smooth base for my sharpie art. For the sharpie 'design', I scribbled in bright pink, aqua and yellow onto a palette and then used a brush dipped in rubbing alcohol to pick up the ink and apply to my nails one colour at a time at random. I then sealed everything with a final coat of topcoat! 

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+ Day 5 - Cirque Sencha, XX & Sharpie Art

I love how the metallic base peeks through where I didnt put any Sharpie ink and how everything stays super sparkly! These feel kind of like unicorn nails and I'm rocking them as a full mani for a few days for sure! What do you think of them? I hope you've enjoyed my designs for this DD week and that you have checked out some of the gorgeous manis by the other girls! 

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+ Day 5 - Cirque Sencha, XX & Sharpie Art

Where to Buy:
Cirque and various stockists
I purchased from the Pshiiit Boutique

Cirque on Social Media:

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+


  1. These look so good! I've seen others create this look and they always look so awesome.

  2. This is so pretty!! I love the colors!