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Monday, 28 March 2016

Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire - Black Perfecto

Hi everyone! Today I have a gorgeous vampy polish to share with you. La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain is by far my favourite perfume and I was excited to see that they have brought out a range of scented nail polish and lipsticks! My husband gave me this polish, Black Perfecto (007) and the Black Perfecto lipstick for my birthday and I couldn't wait to try them out! 

Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire - Black Perfecto (007)

Black Perfecto is not actually black but rather a dark red black. In the shade or at arm's length it tends to appear black but it has an amazing deep red shimmer. On many of the promo pictures, it looks purple but I definitely think it looks more red than purple on the nail. The formula was really good though I don't have any other Guerlain polishes to compare to. The brush is wide and flat. At first I was worried it was a little too wide but after a couple of nails, I decided I quite liked it after all. I really love the packaging and how it looks like the perfume bottles.

Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire - Black Perfecto (007)

The only 'negative' thing I have to say about this polish is that I can't smell the perfume. It is supposed to be scented but I didnt smell anything at all. I even waited for ages before applying topcoat to see if the smell would become apparent later and left a couple of nails without topcoat to see. Unfortunately I couldn't detect a fragrance and neither could my husband. The lipstick is very well scented though in comparison. I'll be trying this out again to see because I have seen mixed reports on whether people can actually smell it or not! I'm not too disappointed though because the polish is lovely anyway, but it would have been cool to have my nails smell the same as my perfume! 

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  1. This is a gorgeous deep shade!

  2. The bottle design is so pretty, I love the colour too lovely swatches of it xx

  3. That gives off an impression of being brilliant anyway i am still not very beyond any doubt that I like it. At any rate will look significantly more into it and choose by and by! versace robe