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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A England - Sparks Divine Subtle Stamping

Hi everyone! Today I have another stamped mani for you today, I know right? I'm on a stamping kick right now! 

If you're a regular reader, you might know that I'm a huge A England fan and can neverwait to get my hands on new colours. Sparks Divine was originally released in November at the same time as Whispering Waves but there was a bit of a problem. The colour released (and purchased) was not the correct one due to a fabrication error. In fact, there was no holographic pigment like on the promo pictures. I'll admit it was a little bit of a surprise when opening my package. Adina had the problem corrected and the 'correct' version of Sparks Divine was recently released. The first version is now to be considered as a limited edition. So although it was a disappointment to receive the 'wrong' polish, it is kind of cool to have both versions now. 

A England - Sparks Divine - Versions 1 & 2

I decided to do a bit of nail art with both to show you them. I used 2 coats of the 'original' release which is a darker brown colour with only a hint of holographic pigment on all nails except my ring finger. I then used 2 coats of the new version, a golden nude holographic, on my ring fingernail. I really love this colour. I think it will be a great go-to neutral and as always the scattered holo effect of A England is really pretty. 

I then used the new version of Sparks Divine and the Moyou Pro XL 01 plate to stamp. I like how subtle the design came out. It actually makes me think of some of the first 'subtle' stamped manis I saw that got me to try stamping for myself. 

So there you go, both versions of Sparks Divine! What do you think of them? Did you get one of them or both? 

Where to Buy:
A England (UK shipping only)
Various retailers (see list here) 
I purchased from the Pshiiit Boutique

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  1. Both colors are nice and the stamping is pretty. I like subtle designs a lot.