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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pipe Dream Polish SCC Skittlette

Hi everyone! Today's post is a link-up of sorts. I am in the Pipe Dream Polish fan group on Facebook and recently we decided it would be cool to do a group mani each following the same prompt using either polishes from the A Night in Vegas Cremes (ANIVC) or Street Carnival Collection (SCC)! 

This was perfect because my SCC collection has been waiting patiently on my desk for me to play with! I used Harlequin in this mani here but hadn't yet had a chance to try out the others. 

Pipe Dream Polish Skittlette - Celebration, Harlequin, Masquerader, Clearwater

So the prompt for the mani was a skittlette with a 3 colour gradient and black and clear watermarble on two of our nails, a creme on the pointer and a glitter on the little fingernail. 

For my gradient I picked out Celebration (blue), Harlequin (purple) and Masquerader (pink) and used a triangular cosmetic sponge to apply them. I didn't bother using a white base because these are so perfect and opaque that it's not necessary. I then used Pipe Dream Polish Clearwater, a clear polish designed for watermarbling, and A England Camelot to do the marble over the top. I applied Celebration to my pointer fingers and Masquerader on my thumbs. Unfortunately I do not own any Pipe Dream Polish glitters so I used a loose nail art glitter from LA Splash for my little fingers. The colour is 'Onyx' and it is a mix of very fine and larger iridescent glitters. I dusted it over a coat of clear polish and sealed with topcoat. 

Pipe Dream Polish Skittlette - Celebration, Harlequin, Masquerader, Clearwater

This was a fun mani to wear for sure! I don't often do skittlettes! What do you think of this mani? Are you a Pipe Dream Polish fan too? 
Be sure to check out the other participations by searching #pdpeepsjan
Thank you to Selina (@nailsbyselina) for organising this! It was fun!

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