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Friday, 27 February 2015

Essie - DJ Play That Song

Hi everyone! Today I just have a really quick post for you. I found my photos of this polish, Essie DJ Play That Song on my computer and realised I never posted it here. I did post a pic on IG though

DJ Play That Song is from the 2013 neon collection described by Essie as the jam-iest neon plum. As you might know I'm a huge purple fan and this red-toned bright is exactly my cup of tea. I feel like it pulls quite pink/magenta on me but that's not a bad thing! 

Essie DJ Play That Song

I don't remember how many coats I used unfortunately but I think its 2 or 3 plus topcoat. The texture is somewhat of a crelly though. I didn't use a white base even though I know some bloggers swatched over white. I found this really pretty alone. 

Did you pick up any of this collection when they came out?

Essie polishes can be purchased from various retailers and


  1. This is a fun color! I quite like it.

  2. I love that happy fun color! I did pick up all of these when they released. I had forgotten how pretty this one was. It looks great on you.

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