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Friday, 30 January 2015

13 Days of January - Day 13 - Something You've Never Tried Before - Spun Sugar

Hi everyone! It's the last day of the 13 Days of January Challenge! Today's prompt is Something You've Never Tried Before

I had a bit of trouble thinking of something to do for this one. Unfortunately all I could think of were things that I haven't tried because I didn't particularly want to! 

The spun sugar nail art was one of those nail arts too. I have seen some I thought were okay but they're just not really my style and I haven't fancied having a go at them because it's not something I'd wear as a full mani. But in the spirit of the challenge I decided to try them out! 

13 Days of January - Day 13 - Something You've Never Tried Before - Spun Sugar

I started out with 3 thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow as my base. I then used Flamingo Tini Pink, Feel The Mo-heat-oes Green and You’re Such A Budapest to create the spun sugar effect. I left some of the polishes on a palette for a while to start drying and become stringy before using an orange stick to apply it over my white base. If you'd like to try out this technique and want a step-by-step idea of how to do it, there are a lot around. This tutorial by The Nailasaurus is good! 

13 Days of January - Day 13 - Something You've Never Tried Before - Spun Sugar

I like the combination of colours and the look of this mani at arm's length but it isn't something I'd wear for very long! I can't say I'm really happy with how it turned out! I was a little impatient waiting for the polishes to get stringy enough! It was fun to do something new for the challenge though, especially for the last day! Have you tried out a spun sugar mani before? 

So that's it for the 13 Days of January Challenge! Which look was your favourite? I think mine was my Lowry inspired design from Day 8 closely followed by the Giraffe Blobbicure from Day 10


  1. I really like this design ^^ I've never thought of spinning in more than one colour either, it looks lush!

  2. I've only tried this technique once and it was okay. I can never get them super thin like others do. I like the colors in yours.

    1. Thank you! I like the colours too but the technique isn't my cup of tea either lol. you pretty much summed up my exact thoughts! :)

  3. looks fantastic, very eye- catching - I absolutely love it :)