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Monday, 27 October 2014

The Lacquer Legion - After Dark - Bats in a Night Sky

Hi everyone! It's Lacquer Legion time again! 

This month's theme is 'After Dark' (#LLAfterDark). This month's theme is very appropriate for Halloween inspired designs so I decided to go along that route. 

However I wanted to avoid the typical black and orange combo. Don't get me wrong, I love those but I was really thinking more along the lines of darkness and night-time. I decided to centre my manicure around a dark, night idea featuring something we usually only see after dark, bats! 
I also thought it would be fun to do a manicure which would look good 'After Dark' so I decided to incorporate some glow in the dark polish! 

The Lacquer Legion - After Dark - Pahlish Over the Rhone (Bespoke Batch), Alter Ego Curses! Foiled Again & Sonnetarium Supernatural

So this is how I did it. I started out with 2 coats of Pahlish Over the Rhone (Bespoke Batch) which reminds me of a dark night sky. I sponged a little bit of Alter Ego Curses! Foiled Again onto the middle of each nail. I then used 2 coats of Sonnetarium Supernatural topcoat (which glows blue in the dark) before stamping some bats from my BM-213 plate with black Konad polish. I finished with a normal topcoat. 

Here is (sort of) how it looked in the dark. I say sort of, because I am not an expert at photographing glow in the dark polishes. Believe me, they glowed more and looked so much cooler in real life. 

The Lacquer Legion - After Dark - Pahlish Over the Rhone (Bespoke Batch), Alter Ego Curses! Foiled Again & Sonnetarium Supernatural

Be sure to check out all of the other #LLAfterDark manis with the hashtag on social media! You can follow me on Instagram (@themanicafe) here and on Facebook here.

Pahlishes can be purchased from the Pahlish store as well as Llarowe and Overall Beauty
Alter Ego polishes can be purchased from the Alter Ego store
Sonnetarium polishes are currently unavailable but will be returning to the Etsy shop sometime in the future.


  1. How haunting! I really like how they look glowing in the dark.

  2. Your artwork is amazing! Thank you for using Curses! Foiled Again, it is wonderful to see it used in such intricate art work!

  3. Your mani is terrific! And thank you so much for not making it the typical Halloween mani. For whatever reason, I normally do not like most of the holiday season manis - and I am really burned out on all the Halloween ones I have seen! I know I am in the minority, and that people are excited and get a kick out of creating holiday manis, and more power to them. (I see it as a good chance for my wallet to recoup - I just have to grit my teeth and scroll through for the next two months!) Hahah, I am totally into Valentine nails (my wedding anniversary) but I know many ppl are 'down' on them, so I suppose it washes out!

    1. Thank you!! I do love to create holiday type manis too but I dont know, this year I'm not feeling very inspired by Halloween! It's not really a big deal here in France so perhaps that contributes to the lack of inspiration? But I do enjoy thinking outside the box and looking at everyone else's seasonal manis even if I haven't done any. I agree that Valentine's nails are super cute. My husband and I don't celebrate it but I think the designs are cute and some subtle ones can be worn all year round! :)