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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Chanel Sweet Star - Vogue FNO 2014

Hi everyone! Today I have a stunning polish to show you! This is Chanel Sweet Star, a limited edition polish for Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014. 

This polish was available at the FNO event in Paris on September 16th, afterwards in the Chanel Boutique and it is currently popping up in the US and elsewhere now I hear. 

Chanel Sweet Star - Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

This is a stunning metallic multichrome polish which shifts between silver, grey, green and aubergine depending on the light and angle. 

Chanel Sweet Star - Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

I used 2 coats of Sweet Star and as with all my Chanel polishes, I had no issues with formula or application. Both were absolute perfection. 

Chanel Sweet Star - Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

I love love love this polish and wore it for a week, alone, without getting bored of it at all. I posted a quick snap of it on IG where it looked stunning in the morning light. I'm obsessed with this polish and I already can't wait to wear it again. 

Chanel polishes are available on the Chanel website and various retailers. Sweet Star is currently available on the website.