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Monday, 3 February 2014

Yves Saint Laurent - La Laque Couture Bronze Aztec

Hi everyone! Today I have some swatches for you of a beautiful polish I picked up recently. 

This is Yves Saint Laurent Laque Couture Bronze Aztec n°28. My husband actually saw this polish on a display at Sephora and told me about it. I figured that if he noticed it and liked it enough to tell me about it later that I should probably take a look at it! 

Well he wasn't wrong. I loved it and had to buy it! This one didn't stay in my untrieds waiting to be worn either! 

Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Aztec n°28

Bronze Aztec is a deep, rich blackened khaki full of bronze/olive shimmer. This shade is so complex and hard to describe. The shimmer pulls towards golden tones as well as bronze and olive. I did find that this one looks quite different once applied compared to what you might expect from the bottle. The shimmer is less obvious but shows beautifully under direct light. 

Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Aztec n°28

I need to talk about the formula and application of this one too because it was quite simply outstanding. First of all, the brush! This brush was, in my opinion, one of the best I have ever used. It is flattened, tapered and slightly rounded allowing for easy application in a perfect curve at the cuticle. I loved it! 

Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Aztec n°28

The formula of Bronze Aztec was as amazing as it's brush. The colour glides on smoothly and effortlessly, dries quickly and is almost a one-coater. I used 2 coats for my manicure and one coat of topcoat. Drying time is fast. I don't think I have anything negative at all to say about this one. 

I love this colour and I love the packaging. This is a high end polish worth the price tag. I can't wait to try more YSL colours! 

What do you think of Bronze Aztec? Do you own any YSL polishes? Which ones would you recommend? 

YSL polishes can be purchased from various retailers. I got mine at Sephora.


  1. Heheh Thats so cute that Clem seen it and told you about it lol and he has tatse becuz thats a pretty polish.......My other half wouldnt even care,

  2. This is such a gorgeous color! So luxurious!