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Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Favourite Manicures from 2013

Hi everyone! 

I am really enjoying all the favourites posts I have been seeing recently from other nail bloggers and thought it would be a nice idea to join in and look back at some of my favourite manicures of 2013. 

It was quite hard to choose but here no particular order because that would be too difficult! 

First up are my Turquoise Gemstone nails from May in which I used Kiko 334 and A England Camelot!

Turquoise Gemstone nails with Kiko 344 and A-England Camelot

Next up is my Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Gradient using, as you can guess, the Sugar Rush pastel collection which is gorgeous! 

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Gradient

Another favourite from 2013 is my piCture pOlish Cosmos and Ocean manicure, with stamping using my favourite Nailz Craze plate! I just love piCture pOlish scattered holographics, especially these two!

piCture pOlish Cosmos & Ocean

Next is my Summershine manicure which was actually featured as a guest post over at My Nail Polish Obsession for my friend Jen, very appropriate as the polish was created for Jen's Blogiversary! This manicure also features a gradient using two of the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush shades...I guess I really LOVE those huh?

Sinful Colors Cotton Candy, Orange Cream & Red Dog Designs Summershine for MNPO

My mani with OPI's Peace & Love & OPI also makes it into my favourites because this polish (from the San Francisco collection) is just a stunner, especially with some simple nail art. I loved the effect. 

OPI Peace & Love & OPI with freehand abstract design

In October, I took part in the Autumn Theme Week with some other lovely bloggers and my first mani was an One-stroke Autumn Leaves design featuring Elevation Polish The Arches II. I love one-stroke art and this colour scheme was one of my favourites.

One-stroke Autumn Leaves

My next favourite was also part of Autumn Week and has an Elevation Polish as the base. Epidote topped with freehand pumpkins was, I think, a very good match. The orange and green look great together. 

Autumn Freehand Pumpkins

My Nightmare Before Christmas manicure was what I came up with for Halloween and I was happy with how it came out. It also made the list of the week's favourites over at I'm A Nail Art Addict!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Manicure

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Manicure

Another freehand nail art makes the cut. This one is based on the flag of the french town, Quimper, which is one of my most favourite places. 

Freehand Quimper Flag Nails

And last but not least is a manicure from Japanese Theme Week, this freehand mani is inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa.  

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

So there we go, my 10 favourite manicures of 2013. Which are your favourites? I am also realising how many of these feature Elevation Polish. I think we can safely say that this was my preferred brand this year. I look forward to another year filled with beauties from Lulu. 


  1. They're all gorgeous! I absolutely adore your one stroke leaves! x

  2. Skills! My faves are the autumn leaves and the purple ones just above. Looking forward to seeing what creations you come up with in 2014 :) x

    1. Thank you for commenting! The one stroke leaves are probably the reader favourite. Along with the turquoise ones :) So glad you like the blog, happy new year!

  3. They are all very nice, but the Autumn Leaves are the one that I really love. So amazingly beautiful!