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Saturday, 14 December 2013

p2 Sensual Purple & Freehand Bow

Hi everyone! Today I have a gorgeous polish in my favourite colour to show you! 

Of course I'm talking about a purple. This is p2 Sensual Purple from the Mirror Mirror On The Wall collection and it is sooo gorgeous! I first saw a swatch of this polish posted on Facebook and was just stunned by how glowy it was and the depth of the colour. I knew I had to have it. 

p2 Sensual Purple & freehand bow

Sensual Purple is a rich, deep purple with a shimmery, glowy quality to it. I used 2 coats for perfect opacity and found the formula very nice and easy to apply. Drying time is quite fast too. I loved how this looked on it's own so I chose to do nail art on an accent nail only. 

p2 Sensual Purple & freehand bow

I chose a girly bow in a lilac/pink shade to stand out against the dark base. For the bow I used acrylic paints and a fine detail brush. 

I enjoyed wearing this and actually kept it as a full mani for quite a few days! 

As far as I know, p2 is a brand only available in certain European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland if I'm not mistaken). My bottle came from Germany. If you can find it, I'd recommend it as it is great quality for a cheaper, drugstore polish! 

What do you think of this mani? Have you tried p2 polishes before? I'd definitely try more after this one! 

I originally did this mani as a guest photo post for my lovely friend Kim over at The Ides of Polish and you can see it here on her Facebook page

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