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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Theme Week - Japanese - Cherry Blossoms

Hi everyone! Today is day 2 of Japanese theme week! 

Today I have done what I think its the quintessential japanese themed nail art...cherry blossoms!

Cherry blossoms are so beautiful and such an obvious (and simple) design to translate to nails. 

Japanese Week - Cherry Blossoms - A England Morgan Le Fay

For my mani, I started out with 2 coats of Essie Blanc which is my go-to white. I then topped it with one coat of A England Morgan Le Fay which is a beautiful white silver shimmer polish. Morgan Le Fay can be worn alone or over a base colour like I have done here, making it a very versatile shade. Over white I think it creates a delicate and elegant look. 

Japanese Week - Cherry Blossoms - A England Morgan Le Fay

For the cherry blossoms, I used a fine detail brush, various dotting tools and acrylic paint. To finish things off I added some pink crystals and a coat of topcoat. 

What do you think of this manicure? Do you like cherry blossoms? 

A-England polishes can be purchased from the A-England website for those of you in the UK and various other retailers (see the complete list here).


  1. It's so so pretty! Adding the crystals was the perfect touch!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You really captured the Japanese theme!

  3. So beautiful! And I really love how those whites turned out! I will have to try that too!

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