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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Skittlette - Red, Green & White!

Hi everyone! Today I have yet another festive manicure for's Boxing Day so that's still allowed right? Are you guys bored of Christmas manis already? I'm not quite, so sorry if you are! 

I had this mani in my head for a while but I didn't find time to do it before Christmas so I had to squeeze it in before next year! 

Christmas Skittlette

I am feeling like I'm getting better at skittlette manicures and I find they're a great way to use untried polishes from my collection! So that's what I did here. 

I started out with Essie Blanc on my index and middle finger nails. Blanc is my favourite white and I use it pretty much every time I want to use white polish. The formula is nice, its opaque and I really like the brush. I used 2 coats here. I then watermarbled over the white base using A England Perceval, a beautiful metallic red and a clear polish. I used the clear polish over the white base to avoid the pink mixing that can sometimes happen when marbling with red and white. Though I could be more happy with the marble, I think it turned out ok and I didn't have time to redo it. 

On my ring fingernail I used Julie G Mistletoe from the Frosted Gumdrops Holiday 2013 collection. I am REALLY loving this collection. I think I have reached for these most over any other collection since I got them a few weeks ago. They just look so gorgeous as accent nails and I love the sparkle. I feel like they sparkle more than most of the other textured polishes I own. Mistletoe is the green and I found the formula really nice. I think you could almost get away with one coat, but I did two to be sure for photos. Dry time was quite fast too. 

Then I finished things off with China Glaze Ruby Pumps on my remaining nails. This polish is really a stunner, especially for Christmas. The super fine red glitter in the red base really sparkles! 

Overall I'm quite happy with how this mani turned out. It feels really festive. 
What do you think of it? Do you have any of these polishes? What are your favourite holiday colours? 

A-England polishes can be purchased from the A-England website for those of you in the UK and various other retailers (see the complete list here). 
Julie G polishes are available at various retailers and the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics site
Essie & China Glaze polishes can be purchased from various retailers. 

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