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Friday, 1 November 2013

OPI Red Strawberries

Hi everyone! Today I have some simple nail art for you. 

I know strawberries aren't exactly in season right now but I did this mani a little while ago and can't resist sharing it with you anyway! 

OPI Red - Strawberries

When I was in the US on my honeymoon I couldn't resist picking up a few OPI classic colours from a supply store I visited with a friend. 

I picked out OPI Red as it just seemed like a great classic and a good colour for nail art. I wasn't wrong. I forgot to take pictures of this alone but it is really gorgeous and I love the tone of red for my skin tone. There is a subtle shimmer in this polish which is gorgeous and adds depth. The shimmer is less noticeable on the nail than in the bottle but it does add something original. It's not your standard red creme. 

OPI Red - Strawberries

Application and formula were perfect and I used 2 easy coats for my mani. 

I then used acrylic paint, a fine detail brush and a dotting tool to add the green tops and yellow seeds to the strawberries and sealed with a coat of topcoat. 

OPI Red - Strawberries

OPI Red - Strawberries

I enjoyed wearing this mani and thought the strawberries were cute. What do you think? 

OPI polishes are available from various retailers.


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