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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Essie sort of Ombre

Hi everyone! Today I have a simple but fun manicure for you. 

I wasn't actually planning on wearing this mani, the idea sort of just came to me as I was looking in the Essie drawer of my Helmer... I saw these 5 beauties near to eachother and thought they would look great together for a fun and super quick mani. 

Essie 'Sort of Ombre Mani'

I guess this is sort of an ombre manicure but the colours aren't quite as close to eachother as you'd usually find in this type of mani. So I'll stick with 'sort of ombre' or 'skombre' as my friend Shelly from Sassy Shelly suggested! 

The 5 polishes I used are:  
Avenue Maintain (Spring 2013 Madison Ave-Hue collection)
Lapis of Luxury (2010 Resort collection - core color)
Maximillian Strasse Her (Spring 2013 Madison Ave-Hue collection) 
Where's My Chauffeur (Winter 2012 Leading Lady collection) 
Absolutely Shore (2011 Braziliant collection) 

Essie 'Sort of Ombre Mani'

I applied 2 coats of each polish starting with Avenue Maintain on my thumb and Absolutely Shore on my little finger (in the order listed above) and finished with a coat of topcoat (here, Essie Good To Go). Formula on all of them was good, the most difficult being Absolutely Shore which required some care to avoid streaking. I just love Essie blues, greens and turquoises! 

Essie 'Sort of Ombre Mani'

Essie 'Sort of Ombre Mani'

What do you think of this mani? Do you like ombre nails?


  1. I ADORE this mani! Now I want all of these polishes! hehe..THANKS SOOO MUCH! Love your nails! <3

    1. Oops sorry! LOL. Who am I kidding? I'm not sorry. Essie just do blue, turquoise and green so well! <3

  2. These colors look great together! I need to add a few more Essies to my wishlist now. I love that you used 'skombre'! Maybe It will become a real thing now. Haha

  3. Maybe!! If it does, its totally thanks to us! Skombre ftw!