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Sunday, 21 July 2013

SoFlaJo Pink It Up

Press Sample

Hi everyone! Today I have a beautiful SoFlaJo polish to show you! 

This is Pink It Up! from the Matte Love collection. As the name of the collection suggests, this is a matte finish polish. Pink it Up! is a vibrant shade of pink with lots of shimmer. 

SoFlaJo Pink It Up! without topcoat

SoFlaJo describes this polish as 'a brilliant pink shimmer matte. Not quite neon, not quote bubblegum, this one is for every pink lover!' and I'd definitely agree with that. I loved this polish. 

SoFlaJo Pink It Up! without topcoat

I used 2 coats of Pink It Up! over my regular basecoat. The formula and application were lovely, I had no problems at all. 

SoFlaJo Pink It Up! without topcoat
SoFlaJo Pink It Up! without topcoat

I then topcoated this beauty to show you what it looks like shiny too! The shimmer shows even more with topcoat! Personally I liked wearing this both with and without topcoat so it is very versatile. 

SoFlaJo Pink It Up! with topcoat
SoFlaJo Pink It Up! - Bottle shot

SoFlaJo polishes can be purchased from the SoFlaJo website and Etsy store. Keep up with news and info from SoFlaJo over on the SoFlaJo Facebook page

The polish in this post was sent to me for honest review.