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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hard Candy Pee Wee Purple and Dots

Hi everyone! 
Today I'll be showing you a relatively recent polish and a new to me brand. This is my first Hard Candy polish. I bought 3 of them with the help of a sweet friend when the new collections hit shelves in the USA. I will be swatching my other two here soon! 

Purple is my favourite colour and I just could not resist this vibrant violet microglitter. The bottle shows a flash of gold which is not really visible on the nail once applied.

Hard Candy Pee Wee Purple
I had no problems with the formula or application at all. I used two coats of Pee Wee Purple. 

I then used various sized dotting tools to add golden dots from the base of my nail towards the tips. The gold polish I used is the Barry M Foil Effects 320 (which also happens to be my go-to polish for stamping!). It dries really quickly and works brilliantly for quick nail art designs such as this one.

Hard Candy Pee Wee Purple & Barry M Foil Effect 320

Hard Candy Pee Wee Purple & Barry M Foil Effect 320

I definitely recommend Hard Candy polishes. They are a good thrifty option and I am impressed with the complexity of the colours and glitters in their newest releases, the likes of which we are more used to seeing in indie lines rather than 'mainstream' collections. 

Hard Candy polishes are available at Walmart and retail for $4 each.