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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Color Club Harp On It

Hi there! Today I have another holographic polish to show you, this time from the 2012 Color Club Halo Hues collection. 

Harp On It is the silver shade and it is definitely my favourite silver holo. 

Color Club Harp On It

Just look at those rainbows!! The holographic effect is also visible when not in direct sunlight or artificial light. 

Application and formula are perfect (like the rest of the Halo Hues in my experience) and no aqua base is required. 
I used a normal basecoat (Essie), 2 coats of Harp On It and a coat of topcoat to finish. 

I was going to do some nail art over this but ended up leaving it as it is because its spectacular on its own! 

Color Club Harp On It

And here is a bottle shot for you...

Color Club Harp On It
Color Club Harp On It

I really loved wearing this and was almost sad to take it off! What do you think of this one? 

Color Club polishes are available from various retailers and

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  1. Thats so pretty.....Holo polish always makes me so ohhhhhhhhhh i want it lol.